TCA peels before and after

TCA peels before and after

Before and After Pictures: 
TCA peel before and after

So what is a TCA peel?  It stands for tricholoro acetic acid. It's a chemical peel that's a sort of treatment for improving skin smoothness. It's typically used on the face to help dead skin fall off so that you have a new fresh layer of skin. The dangerous part is that too much of a good thing will burn through your dead skin on top, your newer skin, and then past that you'll just be burned from the TCA chemical peel.

There are lots of chemical peels that can be bought and used without a medical license. Just because you don't have to have a medical license doesn't mean that it can't still be dangerous. I could probably list a thousand things off the top of my head that you can buy without a medical license that can be dangerous. I won't bore you with that list. Let's just saw that if you're thinking of using a chemical peel for standard facial rejuvenation then you should at the very least speak with a dermatologist first.

The reason we're talking about TCA peels on a tattoo removal website is because some people do try this tactic to remove or at least fade tattoos. The theory is that as you kill off the top level of skin you can fade a tattoo. For some people this might seem like a less expensive option than traditional laser tattoo removals and they may even have heard that this technique can actually reduce the likelihood of tattoo removal scars. The truth is doctors who know what they're talking about don't recommend this for a number of reasons. I'll explain some of those reasons right now.

Basically, some people want to know if these peels dig deep enough into the skin to actually remove tattoos, even light, faded ones.

Some top medical doctors doubt this strategy will really work. The reasons for the doubt are because it will not provide the necessary depth to get deep down into the skin where the pigment of the tattoo really lies. You might just notice temporary fading on the top layer. Despite the skin discoloration that is possible with lasers, they are currently the safest and most effective way to remove tattoos.

If someone is using a TCA skin peel that is on the lighter side in the range of 10% - 20% then that won't really make a dent in a professional tattoo. Again, this is because of the deep dermis issue. Amateur and homemade tattoos are easier to get out and some impact could possibly be made on one of these with a TCA peel. The TCA is really just a mild acid. Heeling after a TCA treatment takes about a week so it's pretty hard to get the consistent attack on the tattoo that needs to happen for it to eventually come up.

In conclusion, doctors almost unanimously say to stay away from TCA peels as a way to remove tattoos. If you're interested in general before and after pictures of TCA peels this check out the pictures above. There is definitely room for PCA peels in dermatology, but it's not going to be an easy home remedy for removing tattoos.